Welcome to a Celebration of Family Unity

In accordance with the idea that the family is the backbone of any civilized society,The Harlow Family Foundation  enthusiastically presents
Family Observance Week!

Family Observance Week is celebrated during the last five days of December. As the year winds down, and with great anticipation of an exciting new year, families from around the world are strongly encouraged to promote the importance of the family unit by projecting images of togetherness, engaging in formal and informal educational pursuits, and emphasizing ongoing positive and constructive communication among and between family members.

Family Observance Week is a great opportunity for family members to not only enjoy each other's company, but to explain and discuss the unique and exceptional attributes of their family. Whether observed with immediate family members (mother, father, children), extended family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins), or significant others (close friends, foster relations, those deeply cared about), Family Observance Week is sure to be time well spent with the family; uplifting each other...sharing inspirational messages...connecting spiritually and emotionally.

Simply click on the tabs above to get a full description of each of the days making up Family Observance Week. As you engage in the family activities, feel free to add or create other activities that would fit in to the themes indicated. Share your thoughts and ideas with us by clicking on the "FOW Blog" or the "Contact Us" tab. 
We hope that all families thoroughly enjoy and benefit from Family Observance Week. Remember, in order for our society to evolve to the highest levels, it is vital that the family unit continue to demonstrate its ingenuity, productivity, and civility. Be energized, and renew the family spirit as we all journey into another challenging and exciting year.

        Spread The Word … Keep The Family Strong!!!

                       What does FAMILY mean to you?


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